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Getting Started

There are three stages in MBCD.

In the First Stage you will be asked to choose occupation factors you find important in making a career decision, and to rank them according to their importance to you. An optional worksheet is available to assist you with this stage.

In the Second Stage you will be asked to indicate your preferences for each of the important factors, and the system will eliminate occupations that are incompatible with your preferences.

In the Third Stage, after being presented with a short list of "promising" occupations compatible with your preferences, you will be able to do any of the following:

  • Ask "Why Not?" about a specific "Occupation Not on Your List" - that is, ask why it was eliminated.
  • Locate "Occupations Almost on Your List" - that is, occupations that were eliminated from the list due to one small discrepancy with your preferences.
  • View detailed occupation information.
  • Print a Summary of your MBCD session.

This application uses popup windows containing valuable information. For the best results, allow popups on this site.

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